Web Calendar front-end to ABE (Amorphous Blob of Events)
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A Web Frontend for ABE

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This is a Web front end to the Olin College of Engineering Library's Amorphous Blob of Events.


Design, developer, Olin community member — you can help:

Olin Community

  • Use ABE
  • Tell people about ABE
  • Enter events into the calendar
  • Give us feedback
    • Submit bug reports here
    • Submit ideas for new features here
    • Usability criticisms, suggestions, and improvements


Usability and design issues are labeled with usability and design.


The contribution guidelines describe how to run the project on your development machine.

Please check out the the open issues. Good first issues are labeled with good first issue.


Built during the Software of Summer by @kylecombes, @audreywl, and @aidankmcl.

Additional contributions during Hacking the Library '18 by @osteele, @HALtheWise, and @iblancett.


MIT License


We'd like to extend a special thank you to BrowserStack for providing us with their testing service free of charge. BrowserStack allows us to test our project in a multitude of browsers on various platforms, including IE, Safari, Android and iOS, to ensure compatibility with as many as possible.