A collection of tutorials for how to program ATmegas and do embedded system programming.
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Programming Tutorials

Tutorials for people new to Olin Electric Motorsports programming.

This will cover not only how to program ATmegas, but also all the things you need to know to be a good person!

Clone this repo to get example code for the tutorials! Follow along! Also make bug requests for typos and whatnot, or make pull-requests if you are super nice!

The ATmegaTutorials folder contains tutorials specific to ATmega programming. The GeneralTutorials folder contains tutorials related to our team's workflow and things not directly related to ATmegas.


I Don't know C, What do I do?

I will work on writing a quick learn-C tutorial thingy. But it won't go too in-depth. If you really want to learn, there are a ton of great resources out there!

Learn C the Hard Way is a pretty good starter, and honestly just reading anything you can get your hands on will help.

Why isn't there a tutorial for (INSERT HERE)

It is actually time consuming to write tutorials. I will probably get around to it eventually if it is important. Make an issue for tutorials you really want and somebody will get to them eventually.

You say to never push to master, but this repo is entirely made of pushes to master

Pushing to master is fine if you are running solo-dolo. It is a major issue when working in groups. Also I am the exception that proves the rule.

There are a ton of errors in the Example code!

That is because they are there to test your understanding. You should be able to fix them and make them work after reading the tutorial. Actually, I just wrote them without seeing if they worked, so if you find errors just make a pull-request with fixes and I'll merge them. Or report a bug.