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Last modified 2018-09-07

Purpose provides support for student-related software projects with the goal of building Olin's software development culture.

This includes:

  • management of the domain
  • access to services like Twilio
  • hosting of community software projects
  • maintaining an active group of people with interest and/or experience in/with software development
  • general resources for software projects
  • presentations and workshops around various computing topics


Anyone interested in contributing to's projects may be considered a member if they choose to be.

Officers and Roles's various pursuits will each be led by a single DRI (Directly Responsible Individual). will itself be managed by a DRI (Directly Responsible Individual), with further responsibilities delegated to individuals at the DRI's discretion.

Transition Protocol

At a meeting one month prior to the end of the school year, a new general DRI and any pursuit DRIs will be nominated and elected by plurality voting of all members present.

Club Materials, Purchases, and Space's purchases will mainly relate to software services and infrastructure, including but not limited to domain hosting, hosted servers, paid API access, licenses, and computing equipment.

Amendment Procedure

Amendments to this charter can be proposed and adopted at any time by a majority of members in the channel.

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