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Marauder's map

Marauder's map helps students see where other students are on Olin's campus.

This is the start of an attempt to modernize The Marauder's Map @ Olin, an application written between 2008 and 2010 by Andrew Barry and Ben Fischer. It used wxPython, PHP, and MySQL.

This repository is for client development. For server development, see [](Marauder's Map Server Repository).

The original client used wxPython. We are attempting to improve it and port it to QT using pyside. Mac Screenshot

In addressing some of the issues of the previous version of Marauder's Map @ Olin, we will strive for the following:


  • Code will be legibile and compliant with PEP8 and commented (using the Sphinx .rst markup syntax)
  • Code will have tests to document its status (using the Python unittesting framework)
  • The project will be documented in a way such that it can be extended, replicated, and/or restarted relatively easily

Educational value:

  • Standards and standard libraries will be leveraged where available, i.e. JSON for communication general good practices
  • The project will be open and involve as many students as possible; perhaps it can be leveraged in future applications?


  • master -- This is where you are now and where releases are to be found.
  • development -- This is where active development is happening. Stuff here generally works, but is in flux.
  • playground -- This is where we try out crazy new ideas, don't follow standards, and write unstable code.
  • gh-pages -- This is the documentation branch. Never edit files in this branch manually; use make html in docs to generate updated documentation.


HTML docs


v2.0.1a - Initial Alpha Release Changelog

  • client has been rewritten from the ground up using the QT GUI framework
  • client can open the web application in standard mode
  • client can open the web application in placement mode, allowing the user to set his or her position manually
  • client can authenticate with the map server
  • client broadcasts locations in the background
  • client's update frequency can be configured in the interface's preference window
  • client runs from source on Windows
  • client can be distributed as an app on Mac OS X


Marauder's map helps students see where other students are on Olin's campus. This is the Client.



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