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Marauder's map

Marauder's map helps students see where other students are on Olin's campus.

This is the start of an attempt to modernize The Marauder's Map @ Olin, an application written between 2008 and 2010 by Andrew Barry and Ben Fischer. It used wxPython, PHP, and MySQL.

This repository is for server development. For client development, see [](Marauder's Map Client Repository).

About the UI

The original web interface was written in custom javascript and presented via php. We are modernizing it with a full redesign that uses a JSON interface for API calls. Since the javascript API is open, it will be possible for 3rd parties to create custom plugins and unique location-enabled web applications.

In addressing some of the issues of the previous version of Marauder's Map @ Olin, we will strive for


  • Code will be legibile and commented (using the Sphinx .rst markup syntax)
  • Code will have tests to document its status
  • The actual project will be documented in a way such that it can be extended, replicated, and/or restarted relatively easily

Educational value:

  • Standards and standard libraries will be leveraged where available, i.e. JSON for communication general good practices
  • Made open and involve as many students as possible; perhaps it can be leveraged in future applications?

When first running locally, do:

sudo pip install virtualenv
sudo virtualenv venv --distribute
source venv/bin/activate
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Then every time locally running:

source venv/bin/activate


Marauder's map helps students see where other students are on Olin's campus. This is the Javascript UI.



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