Governing documents of the Olin College Student Government
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Olin College Student Government Repository

Originally established after the COReDesign of 2010, the 2015-2016 Council of Olin Representatives (CORe) re-established this GitHub repository in order to keep track of Student Government Governing Documents and their amendments over time.

The documents here on the master branch represent what is currently being used by student government. PDF editions and previous versions can be viewed at the releases section of the repo.

List of previous significant versions:

  • v2.0.0: governing documents after the 2015 Restructuring
  • v1.0.1: the initial version uploaded to the repo circa 2013

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws are listed below and can also be viewed as Pull Requests with the amendment label

Student Government Constitution

Ratified at a Town Meeting on March 5th, 2015.

Re-ratified at a Town Meeting on April 13th, 2018.

Read it online.

Passed Amendments

Student Government By-Laws

Originally passed at a meeting of the Student Government on May 1st, 2015.

Read it online.

Passed Amendments

  • 2018-04-04 BA-1718-003: Added reading the Student Government Constitution to the onboarding process for all officials
  • 2018-04-04 BA-1718-002: Changed the definition of the Student Body to "all currently enrolled students of Olin College"
  • 2017-04-26 BA-1617-007: Clarified the election process
  • 2017-04-26 BA-1617-006: Changed the audit process such that the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Honor Board can conduct the audit of the Honor Board themselves
  • 2017-04-26 BA-1617-005: Made the SG audit a two-step process where the spring meeting is a follow-up for the fall meeting
  • 2017-04-26 BA-1617-004: Moved the timing of the Student Government Audits to the end of the semester instead of mid-semester
  • 2018-03-07 BA-1718-001: Updated CCO by-laws to reflect current practices
  • 2017-02-01 BA-1617-003: Removed obsolete wording
  • 2016-10-05 BA-1617-002: Assigned CCO the responsibility of keeping a record of all student groups, committees, and branches of the government
  • 2016-10-05 BA-1617-001: Replaced "Representative to Operations" with "Representative for Campus Services"
  • 2016-04-04 BA-1516-012: Moved the Honor Board election procedures into the By-Laws, adjusted CORe role descriptions, shortened the spring elections, and changed how we report students on faculty and operational committees
  • 2016-03-07 BA-1516-011: Changed the By-Laws to present tense
  • 2016-03-07 BA-1516-010: Changed class events funds to class funds and aligned class rep role descriptions to practice
  • 2016-03-07 BA-1516-009: Changed the budget approval procedure, clarified wording, and further defined the audit process
  • 2016-02-01 BA-1516-008: Aligned the Assistant Director of Service role description to practice and removed service group classifications
  • 2015-12-04 BA-1516-007: shorten the committee appointment timeline from 6 days to 3 days
  • 2015-12-04 BA-1516-006: eliminate a specific time for meeting
  • 2015-12-04 BA-1516-005: eliminate wording saying funding guidelines for the SAF must be created
  • 2015-12-04 BA-1516-004: increase Spending Limits on Food from $2 to $3
  • 2015-11-06 BA-1516-003: reduce restrictions on classifying student groups as organizations
  • 2015-09-03 BA-1516-002: add a resignation procedure