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basic files for an Odroid to work the way we want
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This repository is for the files that we want to put on all of our odroids so that we can easily use them to run code through ROS as well as solve any other general Odroid issues we come accross.

The repository also includes a few basic example files for using the Odroid

What to do with this repository

  • Clone this repository to the home directory on both the Odroid and your computer

    cd ${HOME}
    git clone
  • Run the following lines in the terminal on the odroid to automate the setup:

    echo 'source ${HOME}/Odroid_Setup/ros/' >> ~/.bashrc
    source ~/.bashrc

    Now all the odroid setup should run automatically.

  • Run the following lines in your terminal to set some convenient aliases:

     echo 'source ${HOME}/Odroid_Setup/ros/
     source ~/.bashrc

    Now you get two convenient aliases for setting ROS related IP addresses on your computer.

What does this do

In order to run ROS on the odroid and access it from your computer, you need to set the variables ROS_MASTER_URI to reference the odroid's IP address as seen from your computer (as opposed to, and ROS_IP to the IP address of your computer as seen by the odroid (note, ROS_IP only matters if you are running roscore on your computer). The shell scripts in this repository (run by find the IP address you most likely want to use and set these variables, however, it's assumptions only work well for the odroid. the line source ${HOME}/Odroid_Setup/ros/ tells the odroid to run these scripts every time a new terminal is opened.

On your computer, the script just defines a few aliases for your convenience:

  • set_ros_master_uri <ip> sets the variable ROS_MASTER_URI to reference the input IP address
    • this should always reference the IP address of the computer running roscore
  • set_ros_ip <ip> sets ROS_IP to reference the input IP address
    • this should always reference the IP address of the computer you run it from
  • set_ros_vars <ip> sets both ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_IP to reference the input IP address. You need to run these commands in every new terminal you open on your computer (if roscore is on the odroid, you only need to run set_ros_master_uri <ip>.

If the roscore is running on your computer but you want the odroid to communicate it, then you need to run set_ros_vars <your_ip> in each new terminal you open.

note: these aliases are also set on the Odroid with the addition of:

  • ros_get_ip prints all of the available ips
  • ros_find_useful_ip prints the most useful ip
  • ros_auto_set_vars reruns the automatic variable setup
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