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OAK: Olin Autonomy Kore


    The Olin Autonomy Kore (OAK) is a lab-wide architecture for standardizing robot software across platforms. The system defines three levels of robot brain known as the "fore-brain", the "mid-brain", and the "hind-brain". The hind-brain deals with direct sensor and actuator interfacing, and takes commands from the mid-brain. The mid-brain manages robot behaviors (ex. wall following, obstacle avoidance). The fore-brain manages high-level mission planning and long-term decision making.

    Within each of the levels, the code architecture is broken up into three separate sections: Sense, Think, & Act. The sense block takes readings from all of the sensors associated with the current brain level. The think block runs algorithms that culminate in commands to either actuators of the level of brain beneath. The act block either directly runs actuators or sends commands to a lower level of brain.

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Software
  • Arduino Environment Setup: Tutorial on setting up your arduino environment to work with Teensies and ROSserial (documentation)
  1. Hardware

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