Gazebo simulation + RVIZ data visualization to test tractor code
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Package for simulating the Olin Robotics Lab Autonomous Tractor. For further project information, see the GRAVL main repository wiki: (link)


  • cd ~/catkin_ws/src
  • git clone
  • cd ..
  • rosdep install -iry --from-paths src
  • cd ~/catkin_ws/
  • catkin_make


  • cd ~/catkin_ws/src/tractor_sim

To run simulation:

  • roslaunch tractor_sim_gazebo tractor_sim.launch

To run rviz:

  • roslaunch tractor_sim_description tractor_sim_rviz_amcl.launch

To run teleop (following

  • roslaunch gravl teleop.launch
  • roslaunch gravl mainstate.launch

To test code:

  • rosrun gravl (ex: rosrun gravl


  • tractor_delay - either 0 or 1. If set to 1, then tractor will react instantaneously to commands. If set to 1, the tractor will simulate the delayed response time of the real tractor (Default: 1)
  • max_acceleration - maximum acceleration for the tractor Note: only works when tractor_delay is 0 (Default: 0.4)
  • max_steering_angle_velocity - maximum steering velocity Note: only works when tractor_delay is set to 0 (Default: 1)