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CoDoLa - Continuous Documentation with LaTeX

This project builds the technical fundaments for a solution towards an enterprise-wide continuous documentation solution based on LaTeX. It is a follow up of my talk at "Puzzle ITC Tech Talk 2014".

Docker Image; work in progress

TODO: Add Application Server and Application to the Dockerfile

Create Docker image

To Create the docker image just run

sudo ./

render PDF

To generate the helloworld Example located in the ./src/test/resources directory you can run the following command

sudo docker run -v [full_path_to_your_cloned_repo]/src/test/resources:/data phil_pona/codola:0.0.1 pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode -output-directory output /data/helloworld.tex

the result is generated into the ./src/test/resources/output directory of your host