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Benchmarking JavaScript

This repo goes with the blog post: Benchmarking and Optimizing Slow JavaScript.

To run the tests. Use a recent version of Node. Tested on v8.9.4.

npm install
npm test


Starting benchmark, please wait...
parseUsers1(apiUsers) x 5.93 ops/sec ±7.56% (20 runs sampled)
parseUsers2(apiUsers) x 5.15 ops/sec ±1.83% (17 runs sampled)
parseUsers3(apiUsers) x 29,350 ops/sec ±1.37% (83 runs sampled)
parseUsers4(apiUsers) x 19,607 ops/sec ±3.26% (80 runs sampled)
parseUsers5(apiUsers) x 11,763 ops/sec ±8.97% (68 runs sampled)
parseUsers6(apiUsers) x 20,284 ops/sec ±1.66% (81 runs sampled)

Fastest is parseUsers3(apiUsers)