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Freetz is a firmware-extension (modification) for the AVM Fritz!Box and devices with identical hardware. The original firmware from the manufacturer is extended with new functions and programs which may be selected by the user.
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branch: master

"remove e2fsprogs/util-linux"-patch:

 * remove more binaries from util-linux package (all unused by AVM): [ chcpu], [ losetup], [ wdctl]

git-svn-id: file:///var/svn/freetz/trunk@13131 149334a1-2f27-0410-a3b9-fc62619ac1e6
latest commit 71be7b0d71
er13 authored
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addon Add .gitignore files to prevent missing directories.
config AR9 boxes with Fritz!!OS 6.2x:
graphics tagging: use only one picture for both versions (refs #1470)
howtos * introduce new target {{{$(pkg)-distclean}}} - automatically invoke…
include make/helper-functions:
make AR9 boxes with Fritz!!OS 6.2x:
patches "remove e2fsprogs/util-linux"-patch:
toolchain [trunk]:
tools freetz_download:
.build-prerequisites * add readline/readline.h to the list of optional build prerequisites
.defdynamic - restructured SVN
.defstatic * distclean: Don't delete content of addon dir
.exclude-dist * remove references to non-existing files
.gitignore * add *.log files to svn:ignore
.version Bring trunk back into devel state:
CHANGELOG * add new package box_key_password_ftpd_proxy (by PeterPawn)
COPYING * Add missing license file for GPLv2
Makefile * fix stripping of the .config integrated into the image - disabled …
STARTLEVEL dbus: update STARTLEVEL (refs r9804)
fmake Bugfix: `2>&1` must come after `>somewhere`, otherwise errors are not…
fwmod logo tagging:
fwmod_custom * revert last commit partially


   __  _   __  __ ___ __
  |__ |_) |__ |__  |   /
  |   |\  |__ |__  |  /_


This mod is distributed without any warranty (not even the implied
warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose).
Use this mod on your own risk!

Mod scripts are licenced under GPLv2.

NOTE: Loading Freetz will void your warranty.


This should do the trick. You'll find the modified firmware "*.image"
in the images/ subdirectory.

For further information please refer to:

- DS-Mod was originally named after Daniel Eiband's (special thanks to Daniel)
	user name "danisahne" at (IPPF). He has built it based
	on the work of Erik Andersen, Christian Volkmann and others not mentioned,
	but nevertheless honoured here.
- Some time ago the developers decided to rename the project to Freetz.
	The reason for doing so can be refered here:

The fun has just begun!
 Your Freetz developer team
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