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* revise existing file exclusion mechanisms: {{{$(PKG)_EXCLUDED}}}- …

…and the {{{$($(PKG)_TARGET_DIR)/.exclude}}}-based one

 * combine them into one
 * from now on there is no need to manually write a recipe creating {{{$($(PKG)_TARGET_DIR)/.exclude}}} - simply append all files to be excluded to the {{{$(PKG)_EXCLUDED}}} variable - the corresponding {{{$($(PKG)_TARGET_DIR)/.exclude}}} will be created automatically
 * in addition any number of files matching the pattern {{{$($(PKG)_TARGET_DIR)/.exclude*}}} could be created - all of them will be considered when copying package files to the image
 * TODO: check if sizeinfo-feature needs to be adjusted
 * refs #1460

@all: please test and provide feedback, I've tested it but since the number of changes is quite substantial I might have missed something. Thanks!

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