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Oliver Baptiste

Web developer & interactive designer in NYC

What I Do

I design and develop web sites and apps.

  • UX design
    • content
    • semantics
    • structure
    • layout
    • color & typography
    • vector and raster graphics
    • user interface
    • animation
    • music & audio design
  • Front-end development
    • semantic markup with progressive enhancement
      • a11y & i18n
    • styling
    • scripting
    • browser testing
    • version control
    • deployment

I currently work full-time for HarperCollins Publishers as a marketing designer and technologist.

  • SigmaForceBooks.com
  • CharlesToddMap.com
  • HC Style Guide

Earlier career stops include FOUR32C, CUNY City Tech, Condé Nast, Time Inc. and Sony.

Earlier this year I completed a 60-hour JavaScript Development course at General Assembly NYC. My final project was the Soundsurgeon HTML5 Synthesizer web app.

You can find me on Behance, CodePen, GitHub, Flickr, LinkedIn and Twitter.

My Toolbox

I have been coding HTML on Macs since the OS 8 days. Back then, my web toolkit consisted of BBEdit and Dreamweaver as text editors, Fetch for FTP, Photoshop, ImageReady, Fireworks, and Flash for web graphics, shared LAMP web hosting, the Finder for file management, with file renaming as my sole version control. I got my first exposure to UNIX and the command line when I upgraded to OS X, but largely used the same desktop toolkit.

At Condé Nast I started developing on Windows XP using HomeSite as my editor for HTML, CSS and XML — I used to wish they made it for Macs! I was first introduced to a real version control system with ClearCase, first used CMSs, and was exposed to JSP server-side programming, build systems with Maven, and the magical world of the vi text editor!

BBEdit, Photoshop and Fetch remained my core tools as I did Wordpress theme development for FOUR32C working with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. I stepped up from OS X's Personal Web Sharing to using MAMP to locally host WP installations. Since Internet Explorer has the biggest user base, I tested my code in Windows VMs with Virtual PC and Parallels.

While freelancing at Infor, I first used Git, first using SourceTree and Bitbucket, then later Github and Github Desktop. I also switched to VirtualBox to run Windows VMs for testing. Later, I discovered Vagrant for development servers and deployment via FTP. I began experimenting with Sublime Text but still favored BBEdit, until I switched to the Atom edtior.

Today, my main tools are Atom, Terminal, and Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animate). No more shared web space now that I use Digital Ocean to spin up servers. I used Homebrew to install Node and Git, and use Git only via the command line now, with my repos hosted at Github. I used a demo of Sketch at work recently, and I'm very excited about it... it's like the rebirth of Fireworks. I am learning how to be a better developer and designer, and looking forward to further tweaking my toolkit into an efficient flow for my creativity and craft.

Honorable Mentions: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Audacity for audio creation and editing.

Text Editors and IDEs

  • Atom
  • nano
  • vim
  • Xcode

Design Software

Graphics & Animation

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Animate (Flash)
  • Sketch
  • web fonts
    • Adobe Typekit
    • Google Fonts
    • Font Squirrel
    • fonts.com
  • stock art
    • Shutterstock
    • Pixabay
    • Pexels

Music & Audio

  • Audacity
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton Live
  • Recycle
  • Cycling '74 Max
  • Sonic Pi

Technology Stack

  • markup languages
    • Markdown
    • HTML
      • HTML5
        • Semantics
        • Multimedia
        • 3D graphics & effects
        • Offline & storage
        • Device access
        • Performance & integration
        • Connectivity
      • HTML4
    • XML
      • SVG
      • XHTML
      • EPUB
  • stylesheet languages
    • CSS3
      • Backgrounds and Borders
      • Basic Box Model
      • Cascading and Inheritance
      • Fonts
      • Media Queries
      • Generated and Replaced Content
      • Animations
      • Transforms
      • Flexible Box Layout
      • Grid Template Layout
    • Sass
  • scripting languages
    • JavaScript
      • jQuery
      • Underscore.js
      • Node.js
        • Express.js
    • ActionScript
  • web browsers
    • Google Chrome
      • DevTools
    • Firefox
      • Firebug
      • Charles Proxy
    • Safari
      • macOS
      • iOS
    • VirtualBox
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Internet Explorer
    • lynx
  • Web APIs
    • In-browser
      • Document Object Model
      • Web Audio
      • Canvas
      • WebGL
      • Web MIDI
      • Gamepad
    • Third-party
      • Google
        • Analytics
        • Maps
      • SoundCloud
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
  • content management systems
    • WordPress
    • Jekyll
  • version control systems
    • Git
  • package management systems
    • Homebrew
    • npm
    • Bower
  • deployment and hosting
    • Vagrant
    • DigitalOcean
    • Github Pages
    • Heroku
    • Firebase
  • protocols
    • HTTP & HTTPS
    • SSH
    • FTP
    • DNS
    • Gopher

© 2017 Oliver G. A. Baptiste.