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Somehow we managed to convince the mesquite city services and police department to let us take our cars down to the municipal airport and run them down the runway to get radar speed numbers. Is that cool, or what?

So, how fast can we go on a 6000 ft runway and still stop before running off the end?

John Cash's M3 just barely hit the 135 mph speed governer. Bear's turbo supro hit 144 My F40 hit 165 My TR's left turbo exploded at 160 mph :(

Adrian, Todd and Paul couldn't make it, so we didn't get viper, vette or porsche numbers.

It took less than 2000 ft for the TR to do 160. We were fully expecting to do 200 mph in 4000 ft if things had held together.

We have a bunch of video and sound footage that we are going to digitize eventually. We made one run with a police mustang chasing after my F40. Guess who won.

The F40 is a very, very durable car. I made six runs around 160 mph, and it didn't even fade. Same thing on a racetrack. Lap after lap without any changes. My TR makes 1100 hp for twenty seconds, then explodes..

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