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A good day of work. I just finished a long test game with all three architectures, and everything looks solid.

As far as I can tell, these are ready to go after making installers and such, but everyone else has an oportunity to find bugs while I sleep...

We won't hold up for minor gameplay issues, but if anyone turns up a repeatable crasher I will rebuild everything.

Barring problems, we should start rolling the releases out tonight.

  • fixed crash case on fallback from an unsupported fullscreen
  • fixed overrun with very fast system connecting to a very lagged server
  • fixed bad Z_Free on sounds not found
  • fixed autoswitch with sync clients
  • fixed losing console field on positive histories
  • fixed demo recording and playback with new net code
  • handle signed bit fields in msg code
  • fixed playerstate event bit loss on encoding
  • fixed "bad clientnum on player entity"
  • reenabled corpses sinking into ground
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