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Migrate mp3 tracks stored on disk to Spotify
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Migrate mp3 tracks stored on disk to Spotify. It does this by parsing the file name, searching the Spotify database and then adding them to a unique playlist.

This is different to playing local mp3 files through the client which is what appears in most search results on this subject!!

I wanted to find the Spotify tracks because:

  • It allows the tracks to be accessible on all devices
  • Clears up my hard disk space
  • Gives the ability to share tracks and playlists
  • Have all the album artwork and meta data all set and good in the client

It also appears playing local files is quite a hidden feature so I wouldn't be surprised if support for this is eventually dropped.

Getting Started

  • Register a new app through Spotify's developer dashboard.
  • Add the redirect URI http://localhost:3000/callback in the app settings.
  • cp .env.example .env and fill in your app id and secret.
  • Ensure Go 1.13 is installed.
  • Run go run main.go path/to/music
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