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Hong Kong 97 Classic

Current Status of Development: March 14th 2019

Development is on-hold as I am busy with academic life. I'll resume with the game once I've got some time!

What is it?

It's an arcade (Space Invaders / Galaxian) style shooter that is a port of the infamous Super Famicom game, Hong Kong 97 by now defunct Cantonese video game company Happysoft.

When will the game be available?

Soon. It will be available to download and play on Windows, macOS, Linux - with plans to bring it to console as well. It'll be completely free-to-play.


It started as a project to help me learn Goddot in a funny way. But it will be used as the foundation for a new and much more important project - Hong Kong 97: HD which will be announced at a later date, complete with multiplayer, HD remastered graphics, additional gamemodes, and storyline. Hong Kong 97 Classic will continue to be as close to the original monstrosity as possible, and will remain open source and free-to-play.

Where can I find more information about Hong Kong 97?

I think the Angry Video Game Nerd puts it best:


Hong Kong 97: Classic - An open source port of the infamous Super Famicom game Hong Kong 97.




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