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ft6 -- the firewall tester for IPv6

Got a firewall? Think it is ipv6-ready? With ft6 you can find out just how ready it is! ft6 is a client-server program written in python that tests various IPv6 related features and security aspects.


First things first: This is a fork of the software developed during this project. The project was held at University of Potsdam and is now finished. I was a student assistent working on the project and programmer of ft6. I now continue to develop ft6 on my own, without any involvement of the university.

My thanks to all project associates


Ft6 is released under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


To use ft6 you'll need two machines connected directly to your firewall. On the 'internal' side of the firewall, run ./ On the 'external' side, run ./ Again: ft6 assumes that there is a firewall in between the client and server.

Once started the client sends a number of packets to the server. The server captures the packets and can figure out which packets didn't make it through the firewall. All 'missing' packets are assumed to have been dropped by the firewall. The server then sends a list of results back to the client. Finally, the client displays the results in the graphcial user interface.


ft6 is powered by

Make sure to use correct versions!

  • python 2.7 -- python3 is currently not supported
  • scapy 2.2.0 -- on scapy's download page the 'latest' version is only 2.1.0 (!) Use this link to manually download scapy-2.2.0
  • pyqt 4

It is supported for Linux, currently tested for Debian Linux 6.0 Other OSes may work, too.


the firewall tester for IPv6



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