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minxomat turbo

CEO & Public Speaker. Turning PCs up to eleven by trade and passion. I store my banter at @GoTurboOfficial (aka twitter).

AutoIt, ASM, C/++, JS, .NET Leipzig & London

Johannes Hoppe JohannesHoppe

I'm a freelance web developer, book author and speaker on technical conferences from Germany / Heidelberg. I do a lot Angular 2. You might want to hire me! :+1:

Freelancer Germany / Heidelberg

Anders Hejlsberg ahejlsberg

Microsoft Redmond, WA, USA

David Fowler davidfowl

Microsoft Bellevue, WA

Marcus Kohnert MarcusKohnert

Saxonia Systems AG Dresden

Robert Muehsig robertmuehsig

Web Developer, Microsoft ASPNET MVP, Geek & Nerd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@OneOffixx From GER, now in CH

Alexander Zeitler AlexZeitler

Founder and Solution Architect at @PDMLab

PDMLab Karlsruhe, Germany

Alexander Groß agross

Developer and trainer by day, hobby chef by night. Loves sharp tools like Git and kitchen knives. CTO of @GROSSWEBER.

GROSSWEBER Leipzig, Germany

Marius Schulz mariusschulz

Developer, blogger, speaker, trainer. Passionate about all things web. No pressure, no diamonds!

@69grad Munich, Germany

Mike Bild MikeBild

Fullstack Developer | Freelancer

Mike Bild Berlin, Germany

Thomas Bandt aspnetde

69 Grad GmbH Munich, Germany

Christian Heindel cheindel

Christian Heindel - IT Solutions & Consulting Dresden, Germany