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This page contains a selection of projects and code snippets i maintain on public repositiories. This is not intended to be some kind of official site, but rather a starting hub for myself. The projects listed have no common topic, but they're all somehow related to mapping, transport-logistics and line-of-business applications.


  • GitHub - my projects on GitHub
  • Blocks - my blocks on bl.ocks.org, the nerdy stuff
  • Blog - my code samples on the developer blog of my company.
  • Or ask your questions at the xServer Forum


  • xserver.js - a bin of JavaScript samples for PTV xServer.
  • xServer .NET bin - a collection of samples for PTV xServer .NET that are (currently) not included in the SDK.
  • Leaflet.NonTiledLayer - a Leaflet layer for non-tiled overlays. You can test it here.
  • leaflet-marker-booster - boost performance and usability for the Leaflet CircleMarker.
  • Leaflet-d3layer - Use D3 with Leaflet. You can test it here.
  • SharpMap.Widgets - Build responsive map applications for web and desktop Browser Demo
  • SpatialTutorial - A tutorial that shows some practices to visualize, analyze and manipulate spatial data with PTV xServer and Leaflet
  • LeafletPano - a simple tile generator to slice large images into small tiles that can be rendered on mobile devices. You can watch some demo images here.
  • WorldQuiz - some geographic mini-games i coded for fun (and to evaluate the rendering-limits for mobile browsers). You can play it here.


  • scsf20xx - a port of Microsoft's abandoned "Smart Client Software Factory" to the current VS releases.

Code Snipptes