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What is this all about?

This project is a web application that consists of a plethora of security vulnerabilities held together by some functionality.

This project has been created as an educational resource for workshops on PHP web security. You could use in several ways:

  • show the attendees the vulnerabilities and how to fix them
  • have the attendees search for vulnerabilities
  • have the attendees fix the vulnerabilities


Never, ever put this project on any web server that is accessible from the internet. Your server will get hacked.

How to use this project for learning

For learning as much as possible (e.g., at a workshop on web application security), I propose you do the exercises in the following order:

  1. Install the application and try to find as many vulnerabilities as possible without reading the code and without using any automatic vulnerability scanning tools. Just use the application front end (without logging in, then with the user login and with the admin login). Use browser plugins that help you manipulate the requests and read the web site source.

  2. Try to find more vulnerabilities by reading the code.

  3. Try to find more vulnerabilities by using automated vulnerability scanners.

  4. Compare the list of vulnerabilities you have found in the previous two steps with the list available in the solutions branch.

  5. Fix the vulnerabilities.


  1. Install Vagrant and run vagrant up .
  2. vagrant ssh
  3. cd /var/www/
  4. composer install
  5. Log out from the virtual box.
  6. You now can access your insecure site at
  7. You can log in as either / 12345678 or as / asdfqwer .

Resetting the database

The database and its contents are automatically created when you run vagrant up.

If you ever need to rebuild the database from scratch, follow this list of steps:

  1. vagrant ssh
  2. sh /var/www/db/
  3. Log out from the virtual box.

List of vulnerabilities

There is a list of vulnerabilities in the file in the branch solutions (to keep you from seeing the solutions by accident before you have had the chance to find the vulnerabilities yourself).

About me (Oliver Klee)

I am a former member of the TYPO3 Security Team and the maintainer of the PHPUnit TYPO3 extension, which is available in the TYPO3 extension repository (TER).

You can book me for workshops at your company.

I also frequently give workshops at the TYPO3 Developer Days.


Contributions in the form of bug fixes, more vulnerabilities or clean-up in the form of pull requests is always more than welcome.

Please do not report any security vulnerabilities, and please do not submit pull requests with security fixes - you're missing the point.


The application is licensed under the Gnu Public License (GPL) V3.

The included Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery are licensed under the MIT License (MIT).


An educational web application that consists of a plethora of security vulnerabilities held together by some functionality.



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