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Fired duplication events on Android OS(Galaxy S2) (hashRouting extention) #23

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Fired duplication events on Android OS(Galaxy S2).

I test a simple way that is only 2 links on HTML.
Load JavaScripts are jQuery, Davis, Davis.hashRouting.

iOS and Desktop browser(based webkit) has not a problem.
Android OS only.

Uploaded the example source code to dropbox.
please put those files the document root at server. and access to index.html.
click a link home or job. fired duplication events on Android OS.


Hey, I've tried this out on a Galaxy 10.1 tablet which is running Android 3.1 and I couldn't re-create this issue. What version of Android are you running? I'll see if I can get my hands on a Galaxy S2, failing that I'll download an browser simulator.


Sorry, I late reply.
I got that issue on Android OS as version 2.3.5. It's Galaxy S2.
I had updated to Galaxy S2.
maybe that is reason.

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