hash based routing, check for '/#' or '#' before adding it to a route #65

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evadnoob commented Jan 3, 2013

I've made a small patch to hash based routing to prevent urls from getting extra '/#' prepended to them.

I've had links like:

<a href="#somepath/xyz"></a>

And it in the url we sometimes see:


And a log message with routeNotFound

This patch fixes that problem....

evadnoob added some commits Jan 3, 2013

Hacking on davis.js. I don't have a good fix for this nor the time to…
… spend much longer on it. When using forceHashRouting=true, upon the first load of Davis, the link selector event handler was running and causing issues with routes not being found. Seems like a load order problem where the hash routing plugin hadn't overriden enough functionality from base davis.js...
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