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Νέα – Greek for news.


  • Getting updates online in 2018 sucks. I don't want to use Twitter or Facebook or any other site that lets my attention span drop to the level of a two-year-old.
  • Good old RSS feeds are the solution; they come with more signal and less noise. But I don't want to use an RSS feed reader, because I don't need an app to follow the four to five people I want to read regularly.
  • I’m good at e-mail; over the years I developed techniques to stay on top of my inbox, so getting new reads delivered to my inbox would be perfect.
  • Yet, I don’t want to get an e-mail every time someone I follow posts something new. I want to receive a digest once a week.


I want to build a thing that:

  • Takes in a list of RSS feeds. That list will be in a file for the time being.
  • Pull the updates of all feeds.
  • Parse the feeds and extract all items that were published during the last seven days.
  • Sends an email to me, containing titles and links to all the new articles grouped by blog.


AWS Lambda runs the Lambda handler as a script; we need absolute imports to sub-modules (in this case the parsers). Py.test runs the Lambda handlers from a package, so we need to add the lambdas directpry to PYTHONPATH to enable absolute imports.

PYTHONPATH=./lambdas/ py.test


To deploy, run the deployment script:

./ --profile=joe --stage=prod


argument default description
email The address used as sender and receiver for the feed email.
profile (optional) default AWS credentials profile to use when deploying.
stage (optional) dev The name of the stage.