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alias ..="cd .."
alias ...="cd ../.."
alias h='cd ~'
alias c='clear'
alias art='php artisan'
alias a='art'
alias n='npm install'
alias watch='npm run watch'
alias phpspec='vendor/bin/phpspec'
alias phpunit='vendor/bin/phpunit'
alias paratest='vendor/bin/paratest'
alias p='phpunit'
alias pf='phpunit --filter'
alias fp='paratest'
alias xoff='sudo phpdismod -s cli xdebug'
alias xon='sudo phpenmod -s cli xdebug'
function artisan() {
php artisan "$@"
function new-branch() {
git branch "$@"
git checkout "$@"
git push -u origin "$@"
function delete-branch() {
git branch -d "$@"
git push origin --delete "$@"
function deploy() {
git add -A;
git commit -am "$@";
git push;
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