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Text Automator v0.1

A framework for doing things with texts

This is a framework based on the Google Voice API in python that you can find here. Currently only reminders are implemented.

To test out the reminder service, all you have to do is text your request to 201-308-3785. The proper syntax for reminders is: "Remind me to X in/at Y".

###Current to do list:

  • Move to an actual server
  • Alarm clock feature
  • Make the replies friendlier
  • Confirmation texts so you know if your reminder was processed correctly
  • More powerful syntax analyzing
  • More compatible ways of describing time
  • Various small bugs in current syntax reading
  • Correctly delete incorrectly formatted texts and old texts

###Lineup for v0.2

  • Move to an actual server
  • Make the replies friendlier
  • "12:00" bug
  • Process X hours and Y minutes query

###How to actually use it

  1. Go to the website linked above
  2. Install the google voice api
  3. If you're on linux, you can do this with sudo easy_install -U pygooglevoice
  4. Setup your google voice info in the ~/.gvoice file.
  5. The actual file that checks messages and sends texts is analyzer.py
  6. run.sh runs everything sequentially
  7. server.sh is a makeshift server that queries google voice every minute for new texts
  8. Get crackin'

###Ideas for the future

  • "GPS". Text your current intersection or address and the destination address and it will text back a list of directions
  • Alarm clock. Text "Wake me up at X time" and it will call you at that time
  • Translator
  • Weather