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Querying a MongoDB collection using DevExtreme data store load parameters

The JavaScript library DevExtreme by DevExpress includes a highly advanced data layer. Many of the complex data-bound UI widgets in the library utilize the data layer infrastructure to load server-provided data efficiently.

When data is loaded by a data source attached to a UI widget (or by code interaction with the data source), the underlying data store receives a call to its load function, and a parameter object is passed that I will refer to as loadOptions. If you implement a custom store to load data from your own server through a service interface, the server will (or should!) receive the loadOptions and query data accordingly.

The library devextreme-query-mongodb implements the required logic to query data from a MongoDB collection, parametrized by a DevExtreme loadOptions object.


For v2.x

In v2, the library is published with babel-compiled files (in the dist) folder, which are used by default. This provides broader compatibility, but it introduces a requirement for babel-polyfill. To satisfy this, you should add a dependency to babel-polyfill to your project (npm install --save babel-polyfill) and initialize the polyfill before you load devextreme-query-mongodb:

const query = require('devextreme-query-mongodb');

For v1.x

devextreme-query-mongodb requires at least version 7.3 of Node.js, and you need to pass the --harmony flag when running node (unless you're using the latest 8.x nightly builds, where --harmony is not required anymore). The reason for this requirement is that devextreme-query-mongodb uses async and await.

Installing devextreme-query-mongodb

The library is available through npm:

npm install devextreme-query-mongodb


Please see the Wiki.


The implementation is believed to be feature-complete at this time, but it comes without warranty. Please report any issues if you find them!