A BBEdit Package for working with Textplay & Fountain documents.
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Textplay BBEdit Package


This package is designed to make writing in Textplay (a varient of Fountain) easier.

It includes:

  • Clippings you might find useful when writing a screenplay
  • A Language Module that provides basic parsing for Fountain elements, and some document navigation via BBEdit’s function menu.
  • A Preview Filter and Preview Template - these allow you to preview Fountain documents using Textplay.
  • and some handy Applescripts and Text Filters.


  1. I strongly recommend you install Textplay first.
  2. Download or Clone this repository into your Application Support/BBEdit/Packages/ directory.
  3. Restart BBEdit.


One of the Text Filters included here lets you preview the selected text as a PDF. To make this actually work you must edit the path to your installation of textplay.