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Swing Library

This library contains a number of advanced components and layout managers the Java Swing framework is missing.


Expandable Arcordion

Just like in Outlook, a slider on the left opens and closes menu options

TextArea Expander :

This component is a text area which has a special bottom right corner. When a user hovers over this corner, it can be dragged, and the whole component can then have its size readjusted. You see this component a lot in web pages.

Tree Filter :

It's a standard JTree with a textfield on the top. As the user types in the textfield, the tree branches are filtered. Quite common in IDEs like Eclipse.

Row Number Columns :

At a fixed number column to a JTable. Makes it look like an Excel Sheet.

Table Renderer :

Takes a table row in a JTable and displays it in a dialog

Simple Login Dialog :

Exception Dialog :

Display an exception inside your error dialog

How to get it

Download it manually

Download the .jar file and optionally the source code and the javadoc from the latest [release] ( and add it to your class path.

Using your favourite build system

Go to, select the build system you are using and paste the code into your configuration.