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🎶Generate sine waves with frequency and amplitude (iOS only)
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react-native-tone 🎶

Simple library for playing tones in React Native (iOS only). Bridge of

Getting started

yarn add react-native-tone


npm install react-native-tone --save
react-native link react-native-tone


Generates simple sine wave, specify a frequency and amplitude. Play sound indefinitely or for a specified time interval.

import RNTone from 'react-native-tone';

// In constructor
RNTone.initWithChannels(numChannels, volume) // initalize
// volume ranges from 0.01-0.25 // play tone, indefinitely
RNTone.playForDuration(seconds) // play specified time interval (in seconds)
RNTone.stop() // stop tone

// Example
RNTone.initWithChannels(2, 0.25) // initalize two channels at full volume
RNTone.setChannelFrequencies([440, 220]) // A4 and A3
RNTone.playForDuration(0.5) // play for half a second


  • Remove clicking sound at beginning and end of tone

P.S. I'm still still learning Obj-C and bridging, so if anyone would like to help with this module they are very welcome!

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