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🍰Tinder for Desserts. HSHacks 4 Best App Winner.
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Tiramisu: Tinder for desserts

HSHacks 4 Winner: Best App


We both love eating desserts, but when we wanted to bake them ourselves we didn't know where to start. We decided to make an app for dessert recipe discovery.

What it does

Browse desserts by picture and save them for later by swiping right. Discard recipes that you don't like by swiping left. Search for recipes you've saved and open them within the app, and share them with friends.

How we built it

We used React Native for the app and built the site in HTML/CSS using Jekyll and Unicorn Platform.

Challenges we ran into

React Native can be very buggy so a lot of time was spent trying to get React Native to work. Also, APIs. Free APIs were hard to find and often had a usage limit which limited our ability to actually test our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app looks super nice and it has a lot of functionality for the allotted time period.

What we learned

Get sleep the day before. When you're stuck on something, take a break and walk around before working on it again. Be aware of the time and how much is left to avoid last minute rushing.

What's next for Tiramisu

Authentication (users) and syncing.

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