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Minority Cognitive Modellers
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A community-sourced list of women and non-binary cognitive modellers: <a href=""></a>!
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Olivia Guest

Christina Bergmann and I have wanted to create a list of women and non-binary people in computational cognitive modelling for probably around 3-4 years now (she has written more on this on CogTales, Building a network of women and nonbinary cognitive modelers). It was tough when we first tried to do it: because it is not always clear who is a modeller just from looking at a scientific publication, as often being/self-identifying as a modeller is not exactly the same as being on the author list of a modelling paper; because Twitter lists, which were our first idea, sadly live and die by the single person who created them on Twitter; and because at the time neither her nor I really knew how to reach out to get such lists from others, broadening our horizons.

The other day — thanks to Nora Newcombe for making me think of this by asking about a related topic — I decided my Twitter account was probably a good place to ask the scientific community for the names of women and non-binary people in cognitive modelling. To my pleasant surprise, the tweet (below and here) managed to generate a larger amount of names in the replies than I alone could ever:

Hey, science tweeps! 🧠

I want names of women & non-binary cognitive modellers.


Tag them here or if they aren't on twitter post a link to academic websites. Pls RT so we've a good chance of finding many! ☺️

— Olivia Guest (@o_guest) April 19, 2018
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The dedicated website is: — and all minorities in cognitive modelling are welcome! Finally, thank you everybody for all the names and support!

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