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Import and Export capabilities

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Extra Import/Export Formats

:warning: Manuskript relies a lot on pandoc to export projects. Install pandoc for more export document formats such as ePub, OpenDocument (LibreOffice), and DocX (MS Word). See the whole list below.

Acces to Import / Export windows

Launch Import with File > Import… or F7 and Export with File > Compile or F6:


Overview of actual import/export support

As of now, manuskript, can import and export in the following formats:

Format Import Notes Export Notes
Plain text :x: :white_check_mark: Internal & Pandoc
Markdown :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Internal & Pandoc
LaTeX :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Pandoc
HTML :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Internal [1] &Pandoc
ePub :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Pandoc
OpenDocument :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Pandoc
DocX :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Pandoc
PDF :x: :white_check_mark: Pandoc & LaTeX
reST :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Pandoc
OPML :white_check_mark: WIP (#200) :white_check_mark: Pandoc
Fountain :x: What would import look like? :x: How to export, and to what?

[1]: Available if python3-markdown installed.


  • It's theoretically possible to import all of the above using pandoc. This will probably be supported in manuskript 0.6.0.
  • You can test the current develop progress on branch feature/importers
  • Other formats possibly imported through pandoc: commonmark, docbook, haddock, json, mediawiki, org, t2t, textile, twiki


  • Other formats easily exported through pandoc: asciidoc, beamer, commonmark, context, docbook, docbook5, dokuwiki, dzslides, fb2, haddock, icml, json, man, mediawiki, native, org, plain, revealjs, rtf, s5, slideous, slidy, tei, texinfo, textile, zimwiki


Highlighting formats only on the surface, it only helps to write, but is not saved in the document. Right now, manuskript supports only markdown highlighter.

Format Highlighter Notes
Plain text :x: Should it be possible to disable highlighting?
Markdown :white_check_mark: Default. And not very performant, could be improved. Using noteflow's?
Fountain :x: Could ~easily be implemented. But how to export?
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