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python script to backup/delete old tweets from your timeline
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OldTweets backs up (and deletes, if you so desire) all your tweets beyond the latest 100.


This script will work if, and only if, you:

  1. Install python-twitter: and dependencies
  2. go to, sign up with your account and create a new app (the details can be bogus, your app will be private)
  3. copy the consumer key and secret from your app in a credentials file
  4. go to "my access token" in the (righthand) menu of your app and copy the token and key in a credentials file

a credentials file is distributed with this script, as a sample. This file won't work so you have to create your twitter app and copy your own credentials.


Older versions had plenty of options. The latest version simplifies it greatly.

  • dry-run to see all tweets older than 4 weeks

    cat credentials | ./ --dry-run

  • print and delete from twitter tweets older than 4 weeks (your oldest tweets will be at the top)

    cat credentials | ./ >> mytweetsbackupfile.txt

  • [Bug] The tweets can still sometimes output in the wrong order, with some duplicates.

    cat credentials | ./ | sort | uniq >> mytweetsbackupfile.txt


Based on a script by David Larlet (@davidbgk)

Code, documentation and improvements contributed by Olivier Thereaux (@olivierthereaux), Karl Dubost (@karlpro), Florent Verschelde (@fvsch)

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