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pydflatex: a simple LaTeX wrapper

pydflatex is a wrapper around pdflatex which produces a short, readable, coloured output. Specifically, pydflatex

  • runs pdflatex/xelatex blazingly fast using the -batchmode option
  • prints out a coloured, short summary of the warnings and errors
  • hides the temporary files in various ways
  • opens the pdf file if needed



pydflatex file.tex

Some useful options:

  • -x: run xelatex instead of pdflatex
  • -k: keep compiling on error
  • -o: open the pdf in a pdf viewer
  • -l: only parse existing log

A full list of options is available by running pydflatex --help.


You can install pydflatex by running

pip install -e "git+"
pip install blessings

Using as a Library

pydflatex is a collection of several independent modules to typeset the file, analyze its log, hiding the auxilliary files, etc. It is easy to write a simple python script that calls either one of those modules and does exactly what you want in your project.

For instance, to run a given file with xelatex you can call:

from pydflatex import Typesetter
t = Typesetter(options={'xetex'=True})

In order to just print the summary of the log:

from pydflatex import LogProcessor
l = LogProcessor()

Feel free to check out the other modules inside the pydflatex folder.


  • blessings (optional but strongly advised): to display results in colour