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Build your stack with Handlebars.js for create static pages.
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Build your stack with Handlebars.js for create static pages.

How to install

npm install tiny-compilator

How it works

Create a Compilator instance with in arguments the paths of layouts, helpers & partials folders. Then call render method of your instance with the path of your page and data to pass:

var Compilator = require('tiny-compilator');

var compile = new Compilator({
  helpers: 'path/to/helper/folder',
  layouts: 'path/to/layout/folder',
  partials: 'path/to/partials/folder'

compile.render('path/to/your/page', data); //=> return html compiled

Page configuration

In top of your page you must declare in attribute the layout chosen as this example:

layout: 'default'
<!-- html page -->

Layout declaration

In your layout html you must call the partial handlebars 'body' where all the page content must be placed:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    {{> body }}
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