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  • File and line number information for failing specs
  • Try to build the runner if it's missing
  • Kill warnings and streamline includes


  • Run all tests after focused run if console.log was used
  • Ensure Rake task works outside of Rails
  • Ensure focused tests aren't run when CLI called with no files
  • Support globs in focused test filters
  • Raise exceptions on Rake task failures
  • Update to use Jasmine 1.1


  • Fix Rails 3.1 Railtie so it's included properly
  • Fix compilation of runner on Linux
  • Run files that are outside of the project's scope


  • Fix CoffeeScript concatenation bug
  • Report CoffeeScript errors better


  • Change how tests are counted for totals
  • Run targeted and full tests in the same runner instance for speed!
  • Concatenate adjacent CoffeeScript files before compilation for more speed!
  • Ensure files are not required twice
  • Break out runner usage from CLI so that it can be resued in Rake tasks and elsewhere
  • Add a Rails 3.1 task to precompile all assets with a specific "MD5 hash"


  • Better messages for JavaScript errors
  • console.pp added for more in-depth object inspection


  • Write out a reporting file that can be used for Guard notification


  • Avoid a Railtie so JHW works outside of Rails


  • Add a Rake task and a default task for Rails
  • Global runner configuration via ~/.jasmine-headless-webkit
  • Custom Jasmine reporter for better user feedback
  • Specify the specs to be run, instead of always running them all
  • Move README to gh-pages site