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what it is

some scripts to run benchmarks on a computer and create simple charts from the results

what is does

  • it benchmarks some popular implementations of scripting languages
  • the benchmark task is calculating all primes up to a given number using a straight sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm
  • for every scripting languages the benchmark is running 10 times with increasing work load
  • for python the same python code is run by python2, python3 and pypy
  • a chart is generated to compare the the performance

how to setup

  • grab the files from github
  • make shure you have all the tools installed: sudo apt-get install python python3 pypy perl php5-cli tcl ruby gnuplot xdg-utils

how to run

  • open a terminal
  • go to the chartbench directory: cd chartbench
  • start benchmarking by entering ./
  • all results are saved in the data directory
  • the chart should immediately open in your prefered image viewer