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Pushing to master after pages deploy

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1 parent 9a7997c commit 393905d7d2109a4edf5dc5bdcff7785349543007 @oliyh committed Jan 8, 2017
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@@ -25,4 +25,5 @@
(defn push [& args]
(println "Pushing gh-pages")
(eval/sh-with-exit-code "Couldn't commit" "git" "commit" "dist" "-m" "deploying gh-pages")
- (eval/sh-with-exit-code "Couldn't push" "git" "subtree" "push" "--prefix" "dist" "origin" "gh-pages"))
+ (eval/sh-with-exit-code "Couldn't push subtree" "git" "subtree" "push" "--prefix" "dist" "origin" "gh-pages")
+ (eval/sh-with-exit-code "Couldn't push" "git" "push"))

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