Memes as a Slack Service
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Memes-as-a-Service for Slack. Live instance and registration at



All ready for Heroku deployment.


The generic template is:

/meme search term | upper text | lower text

The search term can optionally include the keyword :anim to search for animated images, e.g.

/meme :anim gandalf vs balrog | you shall not | pass!

You can provide an image to use by providing the url instead:

/meme http://path/to/image.jpg | upper text | lower text

Some pre-defined memes are also provided, documentation will follow shortly:

/meme create all the memes!


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Sources files are in resources/src/cljs.

Run lein figwheel for a live-reloading development environment. Once the homepage has been loaded in a browser, the figwheel terminal will provide a REPL running inside the browser's Javascript engine.

Alternatively run (dev/cljs-repl) to obtain a fresh CLJS REPL running inside the Clojure JVM, and type :cljs/quit to exit it.

Run lein cljsbuild auto dev to automatically build during development without figwheel. To build for production use run lein cljsbuild once prod.

Copyright © 2015 oliyh

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.