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A random SpaceInvader generator
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A work in progress random SpaceInvader generator inspired by my original, open-source-code-as-art hero, Jared Tarbell.



  • Coffee Script to codify the things
  • LESS to style the things
  • Grunt to tidy and translate the things to JS & CSS
  • GRUNTEND as a handy foundation and leg up

Getting Started

Install Node.js

Install grunt:

npm install -g grunt

Install plugins:

cd /path/to/gruntend
npm install

Build the site:


The built site can be found at dist/

Grunt can watch the project and compile LESS and coffeescript when you make changes to the files. Grunt is setup to not minify files when watching them to aid debugging whilst in development.

grunt watch

Project build settings are configured in the usual grunt.js file.

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