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F3X CG_scale

Arduino based Open Source CG scale for F3X gliders (and other model airplanes) The scale can be used for most modern F3F/F3B gliders with slim fuselages and will calculate the CG and weight.


Update 14.10.2020: Added CG_scale_rear_support_big-version.stl and CG_scale_front_support_big-version.stl for planes like Respect Electro

Update 25.07.2020: Added STEP files for f5j version

Update 05.01.2018: STEP file has been included in the Documentation folder. This is not the original cad file, but it should be possible to import this universal format into most 3d cad software.

Update 14.10.2017: CG_scale.ino - a new HX711 library has been implemented: The library can be installed from the Arduino Library Manager. We can now poll the HX711 for the next ready conversion rather than waiting for a series conversions to complete. The result is that the 10SPS rate setting and/or a higher number of samples can be used without unaccaptable processing lag, and the two load cells will now do conversions simultaneously rather than one by one. The data filtering has also been improved.