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Find file Copy path
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# Use Instant View version 2.0
~version: "2.0"
# Use this template only blog article pages
?exists: /html/head/meta[@property="article:published_time"]
# Get article text in <article>
body: //article
# Get title from <h1>
title: $body//h1[1]
subtitle: $title/next-sibling::h2
author_url: //span[has-class("author")]//@href
# Get article cover image
cover: //img[has-class("wp-post-image")]
# Convert all iframe elements to inline element
@inline: $body//iframe[starts-with(@src, "/media/")]
# Remote header and footer
@remove: //article/header
@remove: //article/footer
# Replace p to figure
@replace_tag(<figure>): $body//p[.//img]
# Youtube Embedded Fix
@replace_tag(<figure>): $body//p[.//iframe]
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