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A Maven project site skin, based on the Zurb Foundation fluid design CSS framework.
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Maven Fluid Skin

Yay - finally! A modern, decent looking, HTML5/CSS3 based, fluid layout project documentation web site skin for Maven projects. Based on the Foundation framework for rapid development of fluid design websites - this is simple bliss for your Maven documentation.

View an example site (yes meta).

Build and install

Currently there's no release, we're still in SNAPSHOT mode, but you can easily build and install the skin yourself.

git clone git://
cd maven-fluid-skin
mvn install

Well, just what you would expect if you know your way around with Maven. This builds and installs the skin to your local .m2 repository, making it available for your local builds.

COMING SOON: A release version will be built and deployed soon, and made available at the Sonatype OSS Repository. Stay tuned for more information.

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