Helping you remember, or select, an MV* server-side framework.
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Server-side TodoMVC

Helping you to select an MVC server-side framework.

INCUBATING PROJECT: Currently mostly structure, but templates and couple of first implementations are on the way. I'm leaving this open here, in case anyone cares to join in.

There is without a doubt an almost frightening amount of options for developers to choose from, when selecting a framework for MV* types of applications.

With the increasing popularity of client-side or JavaScript-based solutions, it's easy to forget the merits of good old server-side solutions. Don't they deserve a place to be cataloged, preserved and provide their legacy to the after-web?

In an answer to this question, and as an answer to a calling - we're doing just that! We have cloned the immensely popular TodoMVC project, to re-build it in an old and familiar way.

This time, it's server-side!

Our goal with this project

Choosing a framework or a set of tools is probably more about the subjective feeling that we get (at least more than we care to admit) than it is about making an objective decision.

What we would like to do here is to provide a large set of code examples, that show how each framework goes about doing the same thing.

We're hoping that this can provide a base of reference when discussing more subjective feelings and veiws on which tool is the best for the task at hand. A suggestion is to couple this with other, more objective evaluations. For example the very interesting Web Frameworks Benchmark.

Getting Involved

The doors are open. Anyone deeply in love with a server-side framework may join-in, clone-out and pull-request-away with ideas and contributions for the list of example implementations.

We're also very grateful for suggestions, comments and constructive criticism on how to make each solution present the framework it uses in the best possible idiomatic way.

Some words on the way

Even though this probably is more of a project for old farts, and of course made with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. I think it's interesting to provide example implementations that still push the envelope of using the most modern language features possible - for example using helper libraries for collections, maps, JSON serialization or simplified file-I/O. Go nuts!

Building, testing and running

Currently make is your friend - there's even a default target that guides you into setting up your development environment, building, testing and running the examples. Just try it out:

make <help>


This project is a derivative work of the great TodoMVC project, so we stay with the MIT License (please see the LICENSE file for more detailed information).

We also whish to aknowledge the authors and contributors of the original project.