Simple PHP script to backup a MySQL database.
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DbBackup PHP Class

A PHP class to make backups of MySQL databases.


  • PHP5
  • MySQL
  • mysqldump program on server.
  • bzip2 or gzip programs on server to use compression.


The following are possible additions for the future.

  • Possibility to select how many files to save.
  • Possibility to have dump emailed as well.
  • Possibility to have dump sent via ftp.
  • Possibility to dump several databases.
  • Possibility to dump specific db tables.
  • Configurable mysqldump options.
  • Possibly add feature to dump without mysqldump.
  • Dump as CSV file.


Edit the file and change the parameters to the DbBackup constructor:

$backup = new DbBackup("dbuser", "dbpassword", "dbname", 'secret', "/server/path/to/backups", "localhost", "", DbBackup::COMPRESS_BZIP);

Upload the script to your web account.

Point your browser to the URL of the script, with your password as a parameter:


If you want the backup file to be compressed, use either DbBackup::COMPRESS_BZIP for bzip2 compression, or DbBackup::COMPRESS_GZIP for gzip compression. Otherwise the dump file will be saved in plain text.