A simple forum system with a RESTful backend and a RIA javascript frontend.
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Neno forum system
A RESTful forum system with advanced personalized filtering.

 * Add validation on fields.
 * Create views.
 X Add rest api resources.
 * Add akismet checking on posts.
 * Add IP ban.
 * Find atom feed schema extension for discussions, or create one.
   X Write AtomResponder for Django-rest-interface based on django-atompub
   X Add get_atom methods on models to be read by AtomResponder
   * Use Atom extensions rfc5005 for paging and rfc4685 for threading.
 * Search functionality.
   * Preferrably use google opensearch
 * Prefill registration from OpenID with sreg

 * Each discussion is an atom feed.
 * Ext-GWT frontend to display information.
 * OpenID / Social registration
 * Tagging system instead of forums.
 * Advanced personalized filtering (public filters, group filters, combination of filters)
   * Filters based on no hits, no replies, tags, poster, rating
 * Attached files automatically sent to uploadbin.net or similar service.
 * Plugin system to replace any internal code and add hooks.
 * Hooks for saving / displaying posts etc.
   * Post parsers: bbcode, censoring, emotes
 * Dynamic extra profile fields.
 * Fully translatable.