An iOS/Android chat app for integration with UBB.threads shoutbox.
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An iOS/Android chat app for integration with UBB.threads forum software shoutbox.

Several implementations will be available.

An extra server side script is needed for the UBB.threads installation.

A future version might support a stand-alone server script as well.

I'm also considering writing a Joomla component backend, to easily add chat support for any Joomla site.

Pet Prat

A web app built using the Sencha Touch mobile web framework.

This is the first working implementation, which works on iOS as well as Chrome on the desktop.

Android and Blackberry support has not been properly tested, but should theoretically work.

Droid Prat

A native Android implementation for Android v2.2 and higher.

The latest release of Droid Prat has support for reading and writing in the chat. It doesn't have as much features as Pet Prat yet, but is a lot faster.


Possible future native iOS implementation, though not a high priority.