Replacement for the standard "directory browsing". Written in C# with .NET Core and MVC6. Runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.
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A simple web file system browser build with .NET Core and MVC6. Replacement for the standard web "directory browsing". Runs on Windows, Linux and OSX.

You can see a demo at


The idea is that CoreBrowser will display the content of a directory. A simple sort-by is implemented in the UI as well as search, file type icons and modal image browser.


If you place a file named "" in a directory. This will get parsed and the content will be displayed in the top for that folder.

The header file is by default excluded from the directory listing.

You can configure the name of the file in appsettings.json (see Appsettings below)

Exclude files

You can exclude files from the directory listing. Both by extension and a full file name.

This is done by adding the full file name e.g. hidden.ext or just the extension e.g. .secret to the corresponding property in appsettings.json (see Appsettings below)

Google Analytics

Just put your tracking-id in appsettings.json. Loading urls/browsing directories will send the standard pageview. Downloads will send a Download event. Images that are triggered in a modal is not tracked a.t.m.



In the file appsettings.json there is a CoreBrowser section that you can tweak.


	"CoreBrowser": {
		"FilesRootFolder": "{wwwroot}/files",
		"GaTrackingUA": "",
		"TitleSuffix": "CoreBrowser",
		"ExcludedFileExtensions": [],
		"ExcludedFileNames": [],
		"DirectoryHeaderFileName": ""


Used to set the root folder for the browser. Absolute path on disc or you can use the {wwwroot} placeholder to map a folder in the wwwroot.


Used for Google tracking.


Used to build the <title> element.


A way to exclude certain specific extension from the GUI. This will also prevent downloading.


A way to exclude certain specific file names from the GUI. This will also prevent downloading. The header file below is always excluded.


Name of the file in each dir to render the top content in GUI.

Security note

A user cannot download a file that are hidden from the directory listing. Even though the file path is supplied. All downloads are passed though an Action that does some sanity checking before serving the files.


MIT © Olle Jacobsen